Fiti AL

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Fiti AL

Now Approved GOV & Rhineland!
Spanish horses, and crossbreds with warmbloods, are gaining in popularity throughout the dressage community and a stallion such as Fiti AL makes it abundantly clear why the choice of many riders has turned to these classical horses. Fiti AL has a natural talent for the collected work with piaffe, passage, and pirouettes seeming like a game for him. However he offers more than just a talent for collection. His compact size combined with elastic and supple movement give his rider a very good feeling. Fiti is intelligent and sensible and an absolute pleasure to work around.

2018 was an exciting year for all Fiti’s connections. With his amateur rider, Fiti continued his climb up the FEI levels. The pair finished 3rd for USDF All-Breeds at Prix St. Georges and 2nd for Intermediate I. The competed in their first CDI competitions and made the big move up to their first Grand Prix tests.

With his first two foals, Fiti has passed on his amazing temperament and powerful gaits with a clear ability to collect. Fiti AL was already approved for breeding with the ANCCE and IALHA, but due to competition record and quality he was also approved by the Oldenburg Verband and the American Rhineland Studbook in 2018.


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