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Cabardino 2017 USEF Hunter Sire

We'd like to offer special congratulations to Augustin and Christine Walch and W. Charlot Farms (Stratford, Ontario) on their impressive accomplishments recognized by USEF this year! Their stallion Cabardino (Carpaccio x Gaspari I) was named USEF Hunter Sire for 2017, and Augustin and W. Charlot Farms were USEF Hunter Breeder of the Year as well. Cabardino is shown above playing in the snow at home. more


"Marketing is Enthusiasm Transferred ..."

I LOVE this! "Marketing is enthusiasm transferred to the customer." -Gregory Ciotti. Because in my world, it's true. Marketing within the sport horse breeding community is most of what I do. I help stallion owners market their stallions; I design websites, ads, and other marketing pieces; and of course I market my own services. And this is a really great definition of what I do, what stallion owners do, and why we do it. more


Old Data and New Research On Gestation Length

A recent article in the Kentucky Equine Research Equinews library of articles points out new research on what the "normal" length of gestation is for mares - but mares are not known for reading the same book you did. The point of the article is that our expectation of normal - 340 days - was determined over 50 years ago - and only with Thoroughbreds in northern European countries. But pregnancy lengths are different all the time, even for the same mare bred to the same stallion with other obvious factors the same. more

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