*CadlanValley Manhatten

Foundation Sire: Farn

Here is the next installment of Warmblood Stallions of North America’s Foundation Fridays: Farn. “Farn was born in Holstein and descends from the Achill or "F" line that began in 1877. Next to the Ethelbert line, it is the oldest Holsteiner stallion line.” ...read more


[W]FFS Affects All Breeds, Not Just Warmbloods

Practical Horse Genetics just posted a new article on their website that will be of interest to all breeders, especially those who use Thoroughbreds. It's an update on Fragile Foal Syndrome, which was thought to be a genetic problem just among warmblood horses. It is now clear that FFS occurs in many breeds. ...read more


WSNA Heads to the Dressage at Devon Breed Show

Warmblood Stallions of North America is heading to Dressage at Devon next week! It's pretty exciting, since I haven't been in years. I know the breed show is bigger - the biggest open breed show in the world, and I'm really looking forward to that. Thanks to everyone who entered our contest to win tickets to Dressage at Devon! We have sent pairs of tickets to the four winners... ...read more

*CadlanValley Manhatten

Imported • Black • Welsh Sec B • ISR Oldenburg, NA
Imported ~ Welsh ~ Sec B ~ ISR Oldenburg, NA ~ Black ~ 12.3h ~ Stallion

*CadlanValley Manhatten ~ Welsh Sec B-46466 - Approved ISR Oldenburg, NA ~ Imported & bred by CadlanValley Stud in Wales, UK.

*Manhatten has what it takes to be the ultimate Sport Pony & Pony Hunter Sire. *Manhatten has a 10+ Temperament, Beautiful Floating Trot, Impressive Jump & Impeccable Conformation & Pedigree.

*Manhatten is a kind gentleman & really sets the bar for the kind & forgiving nature all Pony Breeders strive to breed. *Manhatten will cross beautifully with TB's, WB's, Welsh, Arabs & Welsh Crosses.

SIRE: EYARTH TROY ~ Supreme Welsh Champion & Producer of many Champions

DAM: LAITHEHILL MIMOSA ~ UK's Silver Medal Winner

*Manhatten's first foal crops are showing & winning in Pony Hunter's & 2017 Welsh Nationals on the line.

*CadlanValley Manhatten ~ Supreme Welsh Champion 11/9/2015 ~ Grand Oaks Resort

*CadlanValley Manhatten ~ Inspected & Approved ISR Oldenburg, NA Reg # 99-16902-07 09/19/2016


Eyarth Troy 54760
Laithehill Mimosa 119405
Career Charmer 37263
Weston Twiggy 56490
Heaton Romeo 46693
Laithehill Perdita 107264
Hilin Caradus 25619
Carwed Pettra 34318
Weston Chilo 9825
Llysun Blue Mist 24245
Eyarth Rio 30571
Katrina of Kirkhamgate 68
Laithehill Allegro 33714
Laithehill Cordelia 70494
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