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We have a new Stallion Story on! I have to say, each one is a gem. It's an opportunity to get to know some of the stallions from the site "at home," in a more personal way. We have recently added Leapfrog WT, a promising 2011 Holsteiner stallion bred by Wild Turkey Farm. Shown is Leapfrog with owner and breeder Barb Ellison. more


Eva-Maria Broomer: "I am a Breeder" last summer posted a wonderful article by Eva-Maria Broomer, called "I am a Breeder," and it's worth a read. She describes breeding as "a special brand of madness," and muses on what made her decide to pursue it. Ultimately, she talks about what makes her proud to be one of that “curious bunch of enthusiasts with masochistic tendencies that call themselves breeders.” more

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New Stallion Story: Leapfrog WT

Our “Stallion Stories” are personal glimpses into the lives and home personalities of the stallions on our site. We’re pleased to present a special story about Leapfrog WT. Breeder and owner Barb Ellison has wonderful photos of this promising young stallion from his first day, so this new Stallion Story is like a photo album of his life so far. Photo here shows Leapfrog in 2011, on his first day out, at a week old. more


Six Horses Cloned From One Mare Help Rider Win Polo Match

Cloning horses is not a thing of the future. I didn't see this article when it came out, over a year ago, but it's quite amazing. Highly regarded polo competitor Adolfo Cambiaso competed in the Argentine Open using six different clones of a single mare named Cuartetera, and he won the event. I think cloning is of interest to breeders because - while the aim of both is to produce a great horse - the aim of breeding is to create a better breed as well. But with cloning - the breed stands still. more


Where Do Mare Owners Shop for Stallions? Right Here!

Advertise your stallion now on! Mare owners are still making choices, so take advantage of the website traffic we get in March and April. Plus, you get a whole year of promotions - so you’ll also be ahead for next breeding season! When mare owners shop for stallions, this website is one of the most important places they look. Do you want your stallion seen? You’re in the right place! more

Breeding News and Announcements

Thank you, Oldenburg SSA Stallions!

Friends of the Oldenburg Horse Breeder Society would like to thank all the stallion owners and frozen brokers who participated in this year's auction to benefit our awards program. While you might have missed your opportunity to bid this year, do be sure to consider these Oldenburg approved and activated stallions for breeding! more

*CadlanValley Manhatten

Imported • Black • Welsh Sec B • ISR Oldenburg, NA
Imported ~ Welsh ~ Sec B ~ ISR Oldenburg, NA ~ Black ~ 12.3h ~ Stallion

*CadlanValley Manhatten ~ Welsh Sec B-46466 - Approved ISR Oldenburg, NA ~ Imported & bred by CadlanValley Stud in Wales, UK.

*Manhatten has what it takes to be the ultimate Sport Pony & Pony Hunter Sire. *Manhatten has a 10+ Temperament, Beautiful Floating Trot, Impressive Jump & Impeccable Conformation & Pedigree.

*Manhatten is a kind gentleman & really sets the bar for the kind & forgiving nature all Pony Breeders strive to breed. *Manhatten will cross beautifully with TB's, WB's, Welsh, Arabs & Welsh Crosses.

SIRE: EYARTH TROY ~ Supreme Welsh Champion & Producer of many Champions

DAM: LAITHEHILL MIMOSA ~ UK's Silver Medal Winner

*Manhatten's first foal crops are showing & winning in Pony Hunter's & 2017 Welsh Nationals on the line.

*CadlanValley Manhatten ~ Supreme Welsh Champion 11/9/2015 ~ Grand Oaks Resort

*CadlanValley Manhatten ~ Inspected & Approved ISR Oldenburg, NA Reg # 99-16902-07 09/19/2016


Career Charmer 37263
Weston Twiggy 56490
Heaton Romeo 46693
Laithehill Perdita 107264
Hilin Caradus 25619
Carwed Pettra 34318
Weston Chilo 9825
Llysun Blue Mist 24245
Eyarth Rio 30571
Katrina of Kirkhamgate 68
Laithehill Allegro 33714
Laithehill Cordelia 70494
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