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Royal Tourmalet SPF

Temperament•Bloodlines•Performance AHS•ARS•GOV•ISR/OLD•WNA•KWPN
Royal Tourmalet SPF - "Artie"

2011 Hanoverian Stallion
Royal Prince/Armin
Mahogany Bay • 16.2hh

Approved & Licensed:
ISR/Oldenburg NA
KWPN - NA Affiliate


Royal Tourmalet SPF is an excellent example of balanced conformation and power needed in Sport Horse Breeding; and with his correct gaits and phenomenal temperament, you will produce performance horses suited for both professionals and amateurs.

With a soft eye and true presence and expression, Artie turns heads. He has a brilliant mahogany bay coat with a bronze metallic sheen and four white socks and a blaze. His fluid walk, expressive trot, and uphill canter are a pleasure to ride. Artie is producing lovely foals with uphill builds, strong toplines, powerful hind ends, pure gaits and wonderful temperaments.

Royal Tourmalet SPF is naturally balanced, both mentally and physically, and has had much success in the competition arena. In 2015, he was awarded the much-coveted Dr. Robert Miller Memorial Perpetual Trophy as the Highest Scoring American Bred Stallion at the prestigious Dressage at Devon Breed Show. Royal Tourmalet SPF has also earned many National, Zone, Regional and Local Year-End Awards.

Judges commented frequently on “the good use of his topline with elasticity and swing” in the walk; his “good energy, suspension, cadence and ground cover” in the trot; his “modern type and attractive uphill build”; his “good shoulder and saddle position”; his “strong loin and good bone”; and his “well set neck and well angled hind leg”.

USEF/Silver Stirrup National Grand Champion, PSG O
USEF/Silver Stirrup Zone Champion, PSG O
USEF/Silver Stirrup Zone Champion, Intermediate I

USEF/Silver Stirrup National Grand Champion, 4th Level O
USEF/Silver Stirrup Zone Champion, 4th Level O
MAHB Champion, 4th Level

GAIG/USDF Grand Champion Stallion
Breeders Championship Series, East Coast Final
USEF/Silver Stirrup National Reserve Grand Champion, YH Division
USEF/Silver Stirrup Zone Champion, Mature Horse DSHB
USEF/Silver Stirrup Zone Reserve Champion, Materiale
Champion Stallion, VADA/NoVA, Morven Park

Dressage at Devon Dr. Robert Miller Memorial Perpetual Trophy
Dressage at Devon, Born in the USA Champion Stallion
NEDA Fall Festival, Born in America Champion Stallion
USEF/Silver Stirrup Zone Champion, Materiale
USEF/Silver Stirrup Zone Champion, Open Training Level
USEF/Silver Stirrup National Reserve Grand Champion, Open Training Level
USEF/Silver Stirrup Zone Reserve Champion, DSHB Mature Horse
NEDA Champion, Materiale, 4/5 YO Stallions/Geldings
CDA Champion, Training Level - O
ENYDCTA Champion, Training Level - O
LIDCTA Champion, Training Level - O
LIDCTA Champion, Materiale - O
DSHB Scores to 80.7%
Materiale Scores to 82.1%
Training Level Dressage Scores to 80.7%
Earned Qualifying Scores to the USEF Young Horse Dressage Championships

USEF Silver Stirrup National Grand Champion, Materiale
USEF Silver Stirrup National Reserve Grand Champion, DSHB
USEF Silver Stirrup Zone Champion, Materiale
USEF Silver Stirrup Zone Champion, DSHB
NEDA Champion, DSHB
NEDA Res Champion, 3 YO Prospects
Dressage at Devon, Born in the USA Champion, 3 YO Colts/Geldings Materiale
Multiple AHS Top Placings
Multiple Born in USA High Score Awards

2011 - Inspection Top Foal


Royal Prince
MS Adira
Piri Piri
Rubinstein I
Elektia V
Prince Thatch


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