"Marketing is Enthusiasm Transferred ..."

I LOVE this! "Marketing is enthusiasm transferred to the customer." -Gregory Ciotti. Because in my world, it's true. Marketing within the sport horse breeding community is most of what I do. I help stallion owners market their stallions; I design websites, ads, and other marketing pieces; and of course I market my own services. And this is a really great definition of what I do, what stallion owners do, and why we do it. more


Old Data and New Research On Gestation Length

A recent article in the Kentucky Equine Research Equinews library of articles points out new research on what the "normal" length of gestation is for mares - but mares are not known for reading the same book you did. The point of the article is that our expectation of normal - 340 days - was determined over 50 years ago - and only with Thoroughbreds in northern European countries. But pregnancy lengths are different all the time, even for the same mare bred to the same stallion with other obvious factors the same. more

Breeding News and Announcements

Cabardino 2017 USEF Hunter Sire

We'd like to offer special congratulations to Augustin and Christine Walch and W. Charlot Farms (Stratford, Ontario) on their impressive accomplishments recognized by USEF this year! Their stallion Cabardino (Carpaccio x Gaspari I) was named USEF Hunter Sire for 2017, and Augustin and W. Charlot Farms were USEF Hunter Breeder of the Year as well. Cabardino is shown above playing in the snow at home. more


KER: Nutrition For Foals - Birth to Two

Kentucky Equine Research has posted a new article about foals from birth to two years of age. From colostrum for new foals to managing yearling growth, it covers a timeline that is of paramount importance to breeders. more


Great Deal for Advertising One Stallion

If you want your stallion to be seen by breeders, we’d like to recommend our Single Stallion Gold ad package. You get a complete Stallion Profile PLUS active promotions here on this front page, and in our email newsletter. Find out more about how we can help get your stallion in front of mare owners! more

Breeding News and Announcements

Leatherdale Farms Wins Second Consecutive Dressage Breeder of the Year Award

For the second year in a row, Louise Leatherdale and Leatherdale Farms received the prestigious Adequan/USDF Dressage Breeder of the Year award. Leatherdale Farms has long-since been recognized for its high-quality Hanoverian breeding program both in the United States and in Germany. ... The breeding program was rewarded by the impressive averages of several sport horses all sired by Leatherdale Farms’ stallions. Duchess L, Hero L, Hannigan L, Fleur De Lis L and Fighting Chance L had outstanding seasons that contributed to the farm’s success. more

Tuxedo Thyme ABA ++++//

Multi - National Champion Purebred Black Arabian Stallion - In Hand & FEI Level Dressage
The Arabian breed is known for its versatility, endurance, athleticism and overall beauty. What more could you ask for in a future foal? Arabian warm blood crosses are becoming more and more common as people are realizing they can compete successfully with them in both Open and Arabian horse shows.

As you consider breeding, why not breed to an exceptional Arabian Stallion that is not only beautiful but a proven athlete. Tuxedo Thyme ABA ++++// has exceptional conformation and is a very talented Purebred Black Arabian Stallion. Tux is one of very few Arabian Stallions that has competed successfully at the FEI Level of Dressage (Prix St George & Intermediare 1). He has FOUR National Championships. One in Sport Horse In Hand - Arabian Stallions and three in USEF Horse of the Year Arabian Dressage FEI Combined Level.

In addition to his National Championships, he has also won the highest Arabian Horse Association awards possible which are the Legion of Masters and Legion of Excellence awards. These are given based on the points a horse wins in their show career. The ++++// behind Tux's registered name reflects that he has won these very treasured awards.

Below is a list of Tux's accomplishments:

2013,2014 & 2015 USEF Horse of the Year National Champion – Arabian Dressage FEI Combined Level
2013 AHA National Champion Stallion In-Hand ATH
2014 USDF All Breeds Champion – Arabian Prix St George & Intermediare I

2012 thru 2015 – Tux and his trainer Jamie Lawton (KYB Dressage) won a total of 16 National Titles and 44 Regional Titles in Sport Horse Show Hack, Dressage and Sport Horse In Hand.

We are no longer actively showing Tux so that we can focus more on his breedings. He is producing very nice foals, a few of which are Warm Blood/Arabian crosses. His foals are proving to have great conformation, athleticism and smart/friendly personalities. In 2015, we welcomed his first two Dutch Warm Blood foals. These two mares are the daughter & granddaughter of the Olympic KWPN Stallion Cocktail and both foals are living up to their bloodlines. In 2016 we welcomed our first Oldenburg/Arabian foal. She's also exceptional. Her owner re-bred for a 2018 foal. As of 2017, Tux has been named a first time leading sire for SH Arabians.

We offer both cooled and frozen semen. Frozen can only be shipped within the US and to Canada.


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