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Warmblood Stallions of North America

Anna Goebel, you do a fantastic job of accurately, elegantly showcasing our stallions! So proud of what you publish for the world to share! So much of our future lies in the "power of the pen" .... or pixels in this case!! Enjoy every page !!
—Tina Potter, Northeast Trakehners, owner of stallions Inamorato and Marseille, fifth-time advertiser in 2017
The [2017] magazines arrived today and look very good. Well done again!
—Natalie DiBerardinis, Hilltop Farm, a repeat advertiser with ads in print and online
Thank you for producing a gorgeous warmblood showcase that combines the convenience of internet browsing with the tactile, keepsake quality physical printed issue. We're impressed!
21% of the businesses listed in your 2016 issue did business with us in 2016; sales from those businesses increased 257% from 2015.
—Kathy Thistlethwaite, Animal Reproduction Systems, Inc, advertiser in 2016 and renewing for 2017
Oh WOW! My
Warmblood Stallions of North America
just arrived!! Incredibly beautiful! Page after page of gorgeous horses and print quality so fabulous that it makes you want to reach in and touch each horse!!! Beautiful publication ... Wow! I love it and I am so honored to have an ad in this!
—Debra MacMillan, Ridgefield Farm, advertiser in 2016 1st and 2nd editions
[When her copy of
Warmblood Stallions of North America
arrived in the mail:] I had a wad of mail...just threw that down and ran to the barn with my copy. Now I'm pushing 55...but all us gals were grabbing at the magazine...I had to say "Hey It's Mine. Get yer own" lol
—Andrea Schinsing, posting on Facebook
What a wonderful publication, if you are looking for a prospective stud for your lovely mare, these boys will leap off the pages to greet you! Information with an accomplished artistic flair, a beautiful resource to glimpse into your future! Thanks to Anna, her small staff!
—Tina Potter, Northeast Trakehners, owner of stallions Inamorato and Marseille, fourth-time advertiser in 2016
You're so funny! Patient too. I think if anyone asked me I would have to say you have the patience of a saint!
—Comment from an advertiser, January 2016
[Anna's comment: "Warning, this is included here because it made me laugh - not to encourage people to test the limits!"]
Received a free copy of your mag. Really enjoyed the most recent issue, which I read cover to cover. Tell your advertisers that it caused me to reconsider my stallion choices for 2015 and will be contacting a few of them about their stallions.
—Comment from a breeder, February 2015
Warmblood Stallions of North America
arrived yesterday...spent last night devouring it. Best issue of
Warmblood Stallions of North America
—gg raymond of "The gg Trakehner Horses", February 2015
Received my copy today! It's a snowy yucky evening here, so I am on the couch shopping for our next breeding! Thanks, what a great publication !
—Sue Ensor, Moonlit Crossing Farm, PA, February 21, 2015
I would like to share that we have again chosen to advertise in
Warmblood Stallions of North America
and have had a very satisfying experience getting the information 'just right' for the issue ... that becomes such a 'Bible' for breeders, mare owners, or people wishing to know where to go for more information on your stallions.

"Anna Goebel and her team are quick to respond, helpful and crackerjacks in elegant design ...
—Tina Potter, Northeast Trakehners, owner of stallions Inamorato and Marseille, third-time advertiser
I still prefer a print magazine to the internet. It helps me organize my thoughts and allows me to pick it up and think about things at odd times without access to the internet.
—Comment submitted through our 2014 survey
I look forward to it every year!! I have every year past still within easy reach! Thanks!! :)
—Cassy Wunsch, on Facebook
Beautiful issue. Thank you!
—Judy Yancey, Yancey Farms, on Facebook
It gets better every year!
—Megan Connolly, on Facebook
It looks great! We're really pleased with the way our stallions' pages turned out.
—Hilltop Farm, by email
Beautiful Magazine!! Bravo!!
—Diane Legge, on Facebook
Sitting here relaxing with a glass of wine and reading my
Warmblood Stallions of North America
directory that came today!!! It looks fantastic Anna Goebel!!! Thanks for doing such a beautiful job with Stellar's ad too!
—Mary Procopio, New Horizons Haflinger Sporthorses, owner of Stellar TVR, by email
Please do NOT stop printing this magazine / catalog. This is one of the only quality print magazines left. I check out all of the stallions and read all of the articles. If you switch to an 'only online' edition, I will be losing a valuable resource.
—Comment submitted through our 2014 survey
Thanks Anna! It's an amazing publication!
—Kathy Hickerson, Majestic Gaits, on Facebook
Your publication is always the one I look forward to as a breeder!
—Rachel Jansen Jones, Crossroads Farm, owner of Coronet d'Honneur, by email
I am older and like hard copy stallion directories that include as many stallions as possible with as much information on each stallion as possible. I keep all issues from the past as it allows me to follow the industry and particular stallions and even his sons. I read lots of show results and the stallion directories allow me to find out more info about sires of successful show horses which allows me to put all the breeding registries and stallions into perspective. I am very specific to match my individual mares to specific stallions that will generate a specific quality offspring. I am breeding my 4th to 6th generation on the dam side for dressage.
—Comment submitted through our 2014 survey
In a perfect world,
would grow to include all registered and approved warmblood stallions in NA.
—Comment submitted through our 2014 survey
The magazine is a great resource for breeders to see what's happening with bloodlines, and what is becoming available now in North America.
—Comment submitted through our 2014 survey
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Warmblood Stallions of North America
, we invite you to read the results of our 2014 online survey.